4 thoughts on “Sage City

  1. Hi Alexandra, thanks for visiting my blog, gave me the opportunity to visit yours. Great stories and illustrations. I am amazed at your illustrations.
    Just a small tip … try to reduce the file size of your illustrations when posting on the blog… the marvellous illustration sage city took so long to download on my 30Mb broadband, that I almost moved away … then curiosity to find the cause of the very slow download revealed a 46MB file size for a Jpeg image … I guess you are posting the full resolution and quality from your computer. Not necessary for how the web works. Try to keep it to about 200 to 300 KB for such complex illustration and about 100KB for again excellent illustrations like “prada” and your readers would not be missing anything visually but will download quickly.

    • Thanks so much and thanks too for the advice-I will definitely bear it in mind in future posts! I really appreciate that. I had just assumed that the images needed to be as big as possible to be the best resolution, but you have enlightened me!

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