13 thoughts on “Αλκυόνη καὶ Κήυξ

      • The story recounts the tale of Alcyone and Ceyx, two lovers who were punished by Zeus for sacrilege to the gods. Ceyx drowned in a hurricane at sea, and on finding this out, Alcyone threw herself into the sea and drowned herself. Because of the tragedy, the gods felt such sadness, that they allowed for the pair to be transformed into kingfishers so as to be together once more. Each year, Alcyone’s father, Aeolus, ensured calm seas and weather so that the kingfisher could safely make her nest and lay her eggs upon the beach. These days of calm are the origin of the saying ‘halcyon days’.

        I think it’s a lovely and tragic story 🙂

      • I think you copied that right from a book. 🙂 Now, I recall most of those words. I forgot the lovers’ names. That sounds like a typical romance myth. Two have to die for the gods to take pity. So, the naked woman is the weeping (or drowned) Alcyone.

      • Thank you so much – I really appreciate it 🙂 I’m not too sure about that – I think they mainly eat small fish and aquatic insects, and I only know that they nest under the ground or maybe in tunnels. But I was just basing the piece on how the myth goes!

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